Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beginning Blog!

Well, my first blog post... And what to talk about??? lol

I have done a site update, but still need to add pictures. It is most common for me to give a rabbit a space on the site before it even is photographed, hence all the broken images. The update took all day as I type the code by hand. Very tedious, but that's me... I enjoy tedious! LOL

A little while back I went to my first show, Liam chose to stay with Grandma. The little black mini rex doe that is his and he would have shown, won BOS on all three tables!!! We've named the doe "Legacy of Black Gold" in honour of her sire. Unfortunately, there were not enough does there for her to receive legs, but hey - she got ribbons!

Our REW buck Hoppy's Nero took BOB on one table, and received his second leg for it. Truline's Zoro, our castor herd sire from the ALL partnership took BOB twice, but receiving only one leg.

Our luck with the Mini Rex likely would have something to do with the number of exhibitors, and entries... ;)

Our Hollands didn't do quite as well, and the number of entries for Hollands was not large either. Our Brk black doe Ebony did not bad as did Daniel. They still placed, which is a good thing even if they placed towards the bottom :)

I had hoped to take more in the way of Hollands, however some of my favourites are a little heavy right now, or just not showable colours :S lol

We joined ARBA at the show, as well as registered a few - Blue Bonnie, Daniel and Hamish. This was pretty exciting! LOL

I met many new people at the show, some I knew of before, some I'd never heard of being they were doing different breeds. Most everybody was very friendly, and helpful! And tolerant of a newbie!!! LOL I'm not sure if I made any "faux-pas" up at the judging tables, and forgot to ask, and hope that everyone would have felt comfortable enough to tell me!

I had hoped to have more time to get around and see every one's bunnies, and chat - but in the excitement and business of even a small show I couldn't. I was able to get a few pictures, and Cherylee took some, so hopefully combined we have some memories.

Daniel sure made an impression on the kids - he even got a kiss from a very pretty little girl!! Lucky buck!!

In other news - we have several new litters - some with some interesting colours - one little brk I haven't the slightest clue at this point what it is - very light orangey - maybe a fawn. Looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks during the "cute stage".

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