Friday, August 22, 2008

Aug. 22

Hi all,

A general update.... may end up being a bit lengthy, as I haven't posted for some time!

EARS Aloha Show, Edmonton, Ab.

We weren't able to stay for the whole show, but for what we were there for we did very well and left VERY proud!!!

The highlight of our time at the show was of course our BIS (Best in Show). Prairie Wind's Sensation surprised us! I had to ask the lady standing next to me what the judge had said the BIS was... then I had to ask her if she was sure!!! So, on top of his BIS, he won a BOV (Best of Variety) and BOSV (Best Opposite Sex of Variety). He's now got 4 legs - enough to grand, and get a BIS Certificate! He'll stay home to keep the does company in future, and allow some of the other bunns some time on the tables! We are very proud and honoured to have this fella here in our rabbitry!

Another surprise was a doe that I hadn't taken out of the cage to assess since weaning. I figured she would be a filler for the class. On the drive to Edmonton, I was seriously regretting my decision.... What the heck was I doing to this poor little girl plastered to the wall of her carrier out of fear. I hadn't posed her or felt her, hadn't given her coat much thought... Well, if she didn't take BOSB (Best Opposite Sex of Breed), on all 3 tables she went on!!! Seems to me, her Dam Stealth surprised us in much the same way at that age!!! Great comments from the judges - "She'd be the rabbit I'd take home", Best Mini Rex in the show, just was still waiting to moult her baby clothes... "Get some fur on her, and no one will touch her". Our little Guinevere did so well, and won 3 Jr legs!!! She will need one Sr. leg to Grand, so we'll put her on some more tables to see if we can't get her that leg!

Next is our sweet boy Argyle! We were very pleased with him - BOB (Best of Breed), and BOV (Best of Variety), for a leg each. I can't remember how he placed in the specialty though, but will post on the site once I find out.

Iphigenia won a BOSV twice, but was awarded no legs - I'm assuming for lack of does.

Snowdrift won BOV, and BOSV twice and recieved 1 Leg.

Legacy finally got a leg for her wins!!! Usually there are just not enough does!

As well, we registered all the Seniors that weren`t already registered which are Argyle, Chas, La Premiere Noire, Legacy. Guinevere is still a baby, so of course couldn`t be registered. Soon enough, our Mini Rex herd will be registered, and will be working on seal colours on those registration papers!!! I do believe one of the rabbits registered has everyone on their pedigree registered already!

A big thank you to Leslie B. and Crystal for getting me to the show in first place!

I would also like to extend a big Thank You to my new breeder friends Leslie D. and Sheldon who are showing big interest in showing. They have been helping very much, but cutting my numbers down so we can fit into our new rabbit shed before winter!!! Not sure they understand just how much they`ve helped!!

Not too much else new or exciting, except that most of the rabbits have been moved into the new shed. I`ll share pictures once I have a bit of painting complete on the outside. Cage building is coming along, though slow, hope to have them complete before the snow flies. Old cages will be available once the new ones are complete. May have to snitch some wire from some of the old ones, but shouldn`t be too much :) Once we find out how warm it will stay for the floor level cages we may invest in a watering system. The floor is insulated, so we`re hoping to avoid frozen water!



Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Contract for Rabbit Sales

Recently, there have been instances of bunny sales "gone awry" for some breeders... In response, one breeder has found a wonderful contract for sellers to have their buyers sign. I think this is wonderful, as it offers protection for both parties. I am most impressed with this contract, and believe I will be using it with future sales.

How does it protect? It protects quite simply from dishonest individuals. As it is a legal document, both parties are bound to do what is right.

What is an example of dishonesty? Well say I was a buyer... Say I wanted a buck for a pet, because I believe that bucks make better pets (which I do believe). Well, lets say I go home with my new pet, and look him over and discover he is actually a she???? ACK!!! Well, this contract will ensure that you get a replacement, or a refund. Though to be fair, I'm sure most breeders wouldn't purposely sell a buck knowing it was a doe. Very likely, it was a boo boo. It Can be hard sometimes sexing young rabbits. Could be also, that the breeder took the wrong rabbit out of the cage for you, when there were several littermates in the same cage. Believe me, it is ALWAYS very embarassing for a breeder to discover something like this!!! LOL (Very likely has happened, but I know of no specific instances)

To be fair, an example of dishonesty from a buyer... Say I sold a rabbit to an individual for purposes of being a companion... Well, we'll say this bunn is young, at 2 months of age. The true temperament of this rabbit cannot be known at this young an age. We'll say this bunn is a doe. We all know I love my bucks, they are all pets... LOL Well.... say this doe reaches about 5 months old, and starts to get a little grouchy when their owner puts their hand in the cage. This doe is getting a little territorial over her "rabbit hole". She's hit puberty. Well, what if this doe really starts getting nasty and starts rushing at her owners arm and scratching and even biting? Who's fault is it? The breeder's? No, it's nobody's fault. Just as in humans... Hormones can equal grouchy.... Could it have been forseen? No, not very likely. We could also use a buck as an example (at the expense of my own pride, as again... I LOVE bucks). Well, say I sold a buck. Well, the little fella is pretty friendly, and the people love him - he would be 2 months old in this example as well. Well, say this guys comes to puberty, and decides he REALLY loves his owners... He decides he wants them to smell like them, and so starts to "fling" pee at them. Uh oh..... Well... we can't necessarily have a pet that's spraying urine all over the couches, and carpet and.... owners!!!! Who's fault? No one, but Mother Nature. Though to be fair, it should occur to pet owners that it is always a good idea to spay/neuter their pets. It can prevent such behaviour in all animals. At any rate, this protects the seller from those who would come back to say that the seller had sold them a pet with behavioural issues. The contract itself suggests buying an animal already 6mo (the age that a rabbit is considered an adult), as by then the bunny's true personality would be developped. I know, I know... Babies are cuter and cuddlier. More impressionable. Yeah, I've subscribed to that argument myself, so can identify. But... is it worth the risk? But I've side-tracked. ;) The example(s) directly above are not specific instances, but very well can have happened.

I have heard a very many horror story in regards to sales/purchases of bunns.... I have confidence that such a contract as this can prevent some of these horrors from re-curring. For one, it will force a second thought when thinking to gain from misfortune!!!

I encourage both sellers AND buyers to use such a contract. If you are looking for such a contract to use, please contact me, and I will put you in contact with the individual that has given me permission to use this one.

Did you know I love bucks? 10 to one, I'd pick a buck for personality any day. I love how they will buzz at me because they like me, I love how they will circle their cage with hay in their mouth - telling me they like me so much they would make a nest for me... I love how they will circle my feet if they are running the floor. I love how they pace looking for my attention. I love how they put their head in the way of their food dish, looking for pets rather than food or treats. So.... I love them. They just display so much character. Though I have to say, my holland bucks are generally more loving than my other breeds. Except Skagen. Skagen is a Mini Rex, and he offers to make me nests with his hay. Round and around his cage with the hay pinging of the wire of the cage! Buzz, buzz, buzz. But Milo and Dudley could never be beat.... I've had a few friendly does, I've even had one buzz at me. Though to be honest, I think she was more interested in asking me if I knew of any nice looking bucks. LOL Stella is a nice girl too, she is a mini rex - she LOVES to be rubbed down, which I like doing because she has a beautifful coat. Anthem is a sweetheart as well. But in general... can't beat a buck. So, now you know why I have so many bucks. I can just imagine how many times it's been asked to a person's self while viewing my holland pages - why so many bucks????

So... That's my thoughts for today :) I need to go cuddle a buck :P


Friday, December 21, 2007



A little to update, we have some new jr's up on the site, after another overall site update. Mostly, we have Mini Rexes out of the litters, with just a few Hollands. We are quite pleased with the jr's we've kept back, and will be watching them closely. Many will come for sale, so enquire if you are interested in any, as we may just part with them :)

The few jr Hollands kept back we are really pleased with and proud to say that they are by L&R's Zing, who is owned by Cutie Patootie Rabbitry :) Very nice toplines on these jr's!!! Not to mention some eye catching heads!

We will soon be looking at yet another cutback, as we decide our goals, and try our best to focus on them.

Our colour goals have all but vanished in our Holland program in order to improve our type, though eventually once we are pleased with our type we can begin to focus on colours again. We have our wonderful friends (Crystal, and Karey!) to thank for their tremendous help in our holland type!

In our Mini Rex program, we are pleased with the quality of the offspring we are producing, though there is always room for improvement! We are currently dominated by blacks and broken blacks (Liam's favourite) at the moment, but hope in the future to boost the castors and opals.

We currently have a litter of steel Mini Rex, they are F3, and all are Rex furred, and all 5 are STEEL!!!!! We are very excited with this development, and look forward to having a small program for steel!

Our Steel Holland program unfortunately, is not fairing quite so well. Steel in litters, is hit and miss, depending on the individual colour genetics of the parents. Our main doe kindled a nice litter of 5, though the kits kept sneaking out of the box and chilling. We are left with just 2 in this litter - a chin (possibly sable chin), and a seal/sable. Very disappointing, though the kits are very nice themselves! Well! Better luck next time, right? Nature dictates in this case, no matter what we would hope for ;)

Also excitng, is a pudgy little REW kit in Raven's (HL) nestbox!!!! See? Patience CAN be rewarding!! LOL

Looking forward to the show in February held in Wetaskiwin, AB. This will be a great chance for some feedback on our progress with our Hollands and Mini Rex. There are a few Jr's that we are proud of and just can't wait to see if they are as nice as we think. Any success in our Hollands would have to be attributed again, to Crystal and Karey!

Also looking forward to showing several MR Jr's. In particular, a seriously beautiful broken black buck bred by Helga at Golden Spike :) He's not even in SR coat, yet feels like most of my other sr's already with the density and texture! I'm trying to wait patiently to feel Sr fur on him, but will just have to try not thinking about it for a while longer!!! Aside from fur, this buck has wonderful type, and a great HQ. I would have to be very ruthless to find much to fault him on.

Getting ready for Christmas here, and the new year. Loads of work to be done, and it feels daunting at times, but with the support of friends and family, it is possible ;)

Till Next Year!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Babies :)

Well, after a long break in breeding (various reasons - waiting for new stock to arrive, does not breeding/bucks not breeding) we finally have a few new litters on the ground!

First in the batch is a LH litter out of Annabella and by Tostito (courtesy of Manely's). Annabella's got 2 black, and 2 chestnut. Genders unknown so far.

Second we have Raven's litter by Oh No. Was trying for REW, and this what we got! Just one, but hey, I won't complain. Now we know that Raven indeed inherited the gene from Marcus, and possibly bred back to him...

Third we have Mountain's litter of opals (yessss!) by Chas. I will assume that Mountain is a double agouti, as there were no selfs in the litter. REALLY looking forward to seeing these kits grow!

Fourth is a very special litter from Scootaloo! By a very special buck named Zing!! Huge Thank You to Crystal at Cutie Patootie! I didn't think anything would come of this breeding, and so these 5 little ones were a wonderful surprise at 4:45 am! (Makes getting up with kids a happier thing... lol) Scootaloo's last litter is very pleasing, so hoping for even better this time, as both parents come from the same lines - L&R. Zing is a pretty special bunny, too :)

More litters are expected - Legacy and Stealth due today - my two best MR does, bred to Chas. As well, Nelly and daughter Penny are due tomorrow, also bred to... Chas! (Chas was used a lot after he arrived!)

The MR does have been much more willing to breed, as opposed to the HL girls. Time of year is what I'm assuming. Very much looking forward to litters out of these does also, so it's a little disappointing especially when a breeder needs to cull.

Some of the jr's right now are looking nice, especially excited about the MR rew program - some nice bunnies! The opal program is just starting, the blues look to have a good start also. Quite excited about a blue tort HL jr buck from Scootaloo (mentioned above). Nice opal doe from Dudley and Jaimie is coming out of the ganglies (where weren't bad to begin with). Short and cobby little opal doe given to us by TOW's is a little exciting - her dam is the same breeding as Ebony Rose. So, she could even possibly carry chocolate!

Well, that's all for now!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rabbits from Ashley!


Well, after many months, and hiccups with flights! They are soooo well worth the wait! I'm so thankful Ashley tolerated it all!

In the carriers was:
Birch Hill's Chas - Sr. blue buck. Great buck all around! I'm not sure I could fault this buck on anything! He's even a good breeder :)

SHR's Blue Bell - Sr. blue doe. Daughter/grand daughter to Chas, this girl is tiny! Ashley commented that she is the best Mini Rex produced during her time breeding Mini Rex!

SHR's Snowdrift - Sr. REW buck, 1 leg. Wow! Not sure I've felt such dense fur before! Even in a molt!!! Beautiful head on this boy - and "bedroom eyes" I told Cherylee last night! We've had his sire, and his brother here - we know Ashley kept her best until last for sure now! LOL

SHR's Essence - Brk Chin doe - This girl is a bigger doe, but I know she's produced some very nice bunns for Ashley, and I'm sure she had a hard time sneaking her into the carrier! Ashley's Mom sure liked this doe :) The nicest brk castor doe I've seen came out of this doe, I plan to re-do that cross promptly lol This doe is full, full, full! Very nice HQ!

Birch Hill's Zena - Sr Castor doe. This is one sweet little doe. She has the buckiest head I've seen on a doe yet! And.... rufus enough for 10 castors! Great topline, as all the rabbits that came have! She's out of opal, so her first breeding will be to Skagen to get my opal program moving. Hoping to get a castor too :) Skagen will improve on her fur density, and Zena will add some depth, and bring size down a touch.


Also a big Thank you to Leslie Braaten for arranging the pick up for the bunnies at the airport! Leslie's Uncle in Law Dennis, drove out at 11pm, to pick up the rabbits and took them home for the night :) Thanks so much to Dennis for going out so late, and caring for the bunnies!

Leslie then picked up the bunnies in the morning and we met for lunch at McDonald's! Leslie also sent me home with a little REW Holland doe! Thanks so much Leslie! She is a sweet little girl!

It all goes to show how well bunny people can work together, to lend a helping hand :))


Friday, September 7, 2007

Thank you!

Wow! Where do I start?

Things have been extremely busy lately, and I have so many thank you's to say to so many people!

Let go in chronological order!

Thank you Sharin, for starting us in Lionheads! Without you, we wouldn't have any. Your added bonus of a first litter is the greatest!

Thank you to Karey, for taking me down to Washington on your trip to meet Tasia, and all the great bunnies! I know they will improve my herd greatly! It was nice to get to see you in person, and it was a nice break!

Thanks to Crystal for all that you've taught me about Hollands! I wouldn't have had a clue without you! I'm so proud of you Fairy Dust for winning her 8th (1st sr!!!!) leg tonight!

Thanks to Cherylee for listening to the constant bunny "jabber"! Looking forward to seeing your "new" rabbitry in the next couple of days!!!

Thanks to Allan Lakusta for all you've taught me about Mini Rex, and taking me to my first show!!! I'm hooked now! Thank you for all of your help, you've been a great friend and Mini Rex partner! Thanks for the home grown vegetables, too :) Thanks for taking all the bunnies to the shows.... Thanks for putting up with NG1 AKA always the bridesmaid... LOL She'll get married one day... lol Looking forward to our "impending" litters!

Big thanks to Ashley at Spencerville Hillside Rabbitry in Brockville, On. This shipment's been a long time coming, and they'll be here soon - carrying on your lines! Thanks for putting up with me :} Great Friend!

Thanks to Helga! For.... many things!!! Starting with genetics on coat colours! Our endless conversations have taught me sooooo much! Not just bunny talk, but everyday type things, your insights, your knowledge on soooo many things. You are a woman of much wisdom, and I am deeply thankful for all you've shared with me! Special thank you for the new bunnies! They are amazing, and I know they will work great with what I've been doing already! Thank you for sharing them with me :)

Thanks so much to Wendy at Manely's for the great Lionheads in this last shipment with Leslie! I am so excited about each of them for all sorts of reasons!!! I think every one of my Lionheads comes from your lines somehow! I am so glad that you are feeling some excitement for your bunnies!

But... I think the biggest thank you of all goes to my husband Jeremy for putting up with the rabbits, and all the time I devote to them! But.... I know you like them! I've seen the look on your face when you look at some of the 3wk olds ;) Thanks so much for feeding and watering them all while I was on my trip to Washington with Karey!

I have made so many great friends since I became a bunny addict! Some are priceless friendships that I wouldn't give up for the world! There are soo many enjoyable things with rabbits. Individual personalities! A buck that paces and hums until you come to pet him - and then he rewards you with kisses! The little babies! Watching them hop playfully around the cages, they are just so CUTE! Watching a litter grow, and seeing how the Mother interacts with them - seeing the love! Watching a doe gather nesting material! The doe that pulls your ponytail through the wire then turns around and pretends it wasn't her!!! A doe that you never thought would have a litter... Has a litter, and takes GREAT care of her babies! So, despite that there is some work (yes dirty!) there is so much to be enjoyed - so many rewards!

Well! enough gushing! LOL

I need to take a great many pictures, and not sure I will be able to get them all done in the next week, there is still alot to be done! There is still a trip to Saskatoon to make (possibly two), and another to Wainwright to meet with Helga :) And LOADS of housework to be done!

Some of the bunnies are at the show in Boissevain, MB with Allan, so hoping we have some good news to share :) Allan was so great to take soooo many bunnies for us all in this area! I won't be surprised if he's tired for a week after he gets home! We all appreciate what you are doing for us Allan! One day, we will be able to help you in return!



Friday, August 10, 2007

Home Again!

Well, we've arrived home, but still settling back into the routine!

As seen on the site, we were able to bring some bunnies back from the states! Karey Welliver from Napoleon's Hutch drove down to Spokane, WA (was a big drive....) to meet Tasia Thomas of Tasia's Tiny Tots. Tasia is from further west in Washington, so we met somewhat in the middle! Also, we met Becky, and grandson Robert (?) of Showy Rabbitry in Montana. They brought some bunns for Tasia, and Tasia had some Britannia Petites for them. They also had a few ND's they were culling, and I brought home a cute little chocolate otter doe to use within my Lionhead program.

Tasia showed us a few of her animals posed, and told us a few tips :) We also got to see her pose up a young BP doe, a black otter. They aren't quite like the pictures in the ARBA standards book. There was a sweet REW buck that really enjoyed a head scratch from Karey! There were soooo many pretty animals passing from carrier to carrier, it was hard to keep track! I think the biggest surprise came when I saw Tasia's Rocky, a broken tort buck (HL). His picture on her website just did him no justice! He is 10 time more than the picture lets on! I envy Karey, that's a no-brainer!! (Though, we bred Sandpoint my blue doe to him) Karey also brought home a legend of a Holland!!! But... you'll have to wait for her to spill the beans on who it is - on her home page there is a picture of this mystery bunn hiding behind the rocks in her garden! Too cute!

Our drive home was so much easier, as we took a different route, and the heat was not so bad. We stopped every so often to stretch our legs, and grab something to drink. Luckily, Karey and I have similar travelling styles - and we enjoy the same music... and the coffee! LOL I won't tell you where we were buying it though as apparently it is a bus driver's secret :) She even made me wait until the second day to divulge this secret! lol

The way down seemed almost torturous going through the National Park - there were forest fires close to the road, lost sandals.... We joked alot that we kept crossing "Lost Sandal Creek" (you know how you can cross the N. Sk river several times while travelling, same as S. Sk river, and Battle River) Right there in Spokane, it seemed we parked right on it!!! lol

At any rate, we brought home some fantastic bunnies!!! I have favourites already!!! Snowberry's Milo was a favourite from the time I got home, and L & R's Carlotta - what an absolutely SWEET girl!!! 5 yrs old - still travelling, still showing, still breeding!!! She LOVES to be held - climbs right into my arms and nuzzles into my neck. How does a gal resist that??? Just impossible! She certainly didn't seem to have noticed she was travelling for 3 days, or the change in her surroundings!

My Dad certainly seemed to like the little Netherland doe that came home from Becky and her grandson (Becky does the ND's, and Robert the Dwarf Hotots). I think he was trying to hint to Mom that he should maybe keep her there!! LOL That was a no-go though! lol The doe "T16" seemed to like Dad as much as he her. She also seemed to enjoy Liam's attention. I'm not entirely sure yet if she has a name, she's sure cute. I've always been leary of the ND's due to temperament - thinking them a little too fiesty for my taste, but she seems fairly laid back. Not even as hyper as some of my MR's so she's tolerable!!! LOL

OH!!!!!!!! How could I forget!!!! Napoleon's Oh No has come to us from Karey! Thanks Karey! He'll make me alot of pretty babies, and (crossing my fingers) maybe some REW's in the 1st generation?
Finally have got all the new bunnies up on the website, though still need to add a page for the Lionheads! That'll be another day though :)