Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cutting Back

There comes a time, when we sometimes need to cut back - this is one of those times for me. I'm finding it hard to care for the number of rabbits I have, in the time that is available to me. Things have become very busy here, and the family will always need to come first. Rather than totally sell out, I've chosen just to drastically cut back. Very easy to decide to do this, however... who stays and who goes? Keep the best, get rid of the rest, right? Sure, but what about certain colours. "Well, I need this doe to work on this colour, or that buck to work that colour"

So, next I'm forced to choose which colours I will focus on... again! LOL Is this a constant struggle when breeding - I ask you.

Probably the hardest to deal with is culling favourites that have just the greatest personality... Oi... The hardest one to part with at this point is Darius - he is the biggest pet ever, though he's starting to realize he's actually a buck, and i remember this stage with my "Studly" Dudley!!! Piewwww! lol Dudley got through it, and Darius may also, but the problem is that he won't be adding to the breeding program. His grandire is quite a bit better than him, and it makes no sense to keep him - even when he really does add to my day with his desperate humming... (feels like I'm trying to talk myself out of it) The fact will remain that I am feeling very overwhelmed.

Another thing I'm heading towards is - moving forward. I'm starting to get to the point where I know what the problems are in my herds, and need to cull ffor it. Some of the does have produce better than themselves, so they need to move - time for the next generation to shine I suppose.

Interestingly enough, my numbers are higher in the mini rex.

My goal, would be to get my numbers down to 30. All was more manageable when the #'s were lower.

So, keep your eye on the breed pages for rabbits coming up for sale - I just won't have the time to code them all into the for sale page - I code my site all by hand (because I prefer to, and enjoy doing it).

Wish me luck!!


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