Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lionheads Have Arrived!

Well, a quick note to mention that our Lionheads have arrived! When hearing about their "wool", I often thought about... wool - scratchy, itchy, just yuck! But upon actually feeling the wool on an Angora or Lionhead - it's bliss! Sooooo soft, this "fluff"!

Yesterday the kids and I went to Lloydminster to meet with Sharin Engler, Lisa Danis and Helga Vierich-Drever. We did some trades, and I recieved my long-awaited trio with the addition of a third doe. This third chestnut doe "Dianne" is possibly the cutest little animal I've seen or held!!! Also recieved a pretty little doe that was shipped out from Manely's Rabbits in BC. She is fairly small, and I am excited to have REW!!! My buck is a brk opal bred by Sharin, and he is quite a beautiful little boy! The highlight though is the doe that is a vienna marked chestnut "Tosha"- bred to hopefully give me my first litter!!! Thanks Sharin! The two chestnut does were bred by Bonnie "in Edson" as I know her lol. Thanks so much to Bonnie for parting with these lovely does! With a special thanks to Sharin for arranging the initial trio for me :)

Within the week I hope to have taken pictures of all the new additions, and update the site. It will be a busy week, with camping in the earlier part of the week. Hopefully, it won't take long until I can have everything together!

Also arrived- In Mini Rex :
A very nice young opal buck from Helga
Another nice little black jr from Helga (looking forward to growing these boys out, thanks Helga!!)
A sweet castor pretty boy prized by Sharin, to be shown :)
Also an interesting little doe from Gayle Gordon - possibly steel, possibly harlequined, maybe both! Really excited about this girl, can't wait to see what she throws when she's older. Everyone who knows me, knows how interested in, and get excited by genetics! But even more excited at the possibility of more steel to add into my side project :) Thanks Gayle!

In Hollands:

A sweet little brk blue boy from Gayle! He's very friendly, and curious!!

Until next time!


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