Friday, September 7, 2007

Thank you!

Wow! Where do I start?

Things have been extremely busy lately, and I have so many thank you's to say to so many people!

Let go in chronological order!

Thank you Sharin, for starting us in Lionheads! Without you, we wouldn't have any. Your added bonus of a first litter is the greatest!

Thank you to Karey, for taking me down to Washington on your trip to meet Tasia, and all the great bunnies! I know they will improve my herd greatly! It was nice to get to see you in person, and it was a nice break!

Thanks to Crystal for all that you've taught me about Hollands! I wouldn't have had a clue without you! I'm so proud of you Fairy Dust for winning her 8th (1st sr!!!!) leg tonight!

Thanks to Cherylee for listening to the constant bunny "jabber"! Looking forward to seeing your "new" rabbitry in the next couple of days!!!

Thanks to Allan Lakusta for all you've taught me about Mini Rex, and taking me to my first show!!! I'm hooked now! Thank you for all of your help, you've been a great friend and Mini Rex partner! Thanks for the home grown vegetables, too :) Thanks for taking all the bunnies to the shows.... Thanks for putting up with NG1 AKA always the bridesmaid... LOL She'll get married one day... lol Looking forward to our "impending" litters!

Big thanks to Ashley at Spencerville Hillside Rabbitry in Brockville, On. This shipment's been a long time coming, and they'll be here soon - carrying on your lines! Thanks for putting up with me :} Great Friend!

Thanks to Helga! For.... many things!!! Starting with genetics on coat colours! Our endless conversations have taught me sooooo much! Not just bunny talk, but everyday type things, your insights, your knowledge on soooo many things. You are a woman of much wisdom, and I am deeply thankful for all you've shared with me! Special thank you for the new bunnies! They are amazing, and I know they will work great with what I've been doing already! Thank you for sharing them with me :)

Thanks so much to Wendy at Manely's for the great Lionheads in this last shipment with Leslie! I am so excited about each of them for all sorts of reasons!!! I think every one of my Lionheads comes from your lines somehow! I am so glad that you are feeling some excitement for your bunnies!

But... I think the biggest thank you of all goes to my husband Jeremy for putting up with the rabbits, and all the time I devote to them! But.... I know you like them! I've seen the look on your face when you look at some of the 3wk olds ;) Thanks so much for feeding and watering them all while I was on my trip to Washington with Karey!

I have made so many great friends since I became a bunny addict! Some are priceless friendships that I wouldn't give up for the world! There are soo many enjoyable things with rabbits. Individual personalities! A buck that paces and hums until you come to pet him - and then he rewards you with kisses! The little babies! Watching them hop playfully around the cages, they are just so CUTE! Watching a litter grow, and seeing how the Mother interacts with them - seeing the love! Watching a doe gather nesting material! The doe that pulls your ponytail through the wire then turns around and pretends it wasn't her!!! A doe that you never thought would have a litter... Has a litter, and takes GREAT care of her babies! So, despite that there is some work (yes dirty!) there is so much to be enjoyed - so many rewards!

Well! enough gushing! LOL

I need to take a great many pictures, and not sure I will be able to get them all done in the next week, there is still alot to be done! There is still a trip to Saskatoon to make (possibly two), and another to Wainwright to meet with Helga :) And LOADS of housework to be done!

Some of the bunnies are at the show in Boissevain, MB with Allan, so hoping we have some good news to share :) Allan was so great to take soooo many bunnies for us all in this area! I won't be surprised if he's tired for a week after he gets home! We all appreciate what you are doing for us Allan! One day, we will be able to help you in return!



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