Friday, September 14, 2007

Rabbits from Ashley!


Well, after many months, and hiccups with flights! They are soooo well worth the wait! I'm so thankful Ashley tolerated it all!

In the carriers was:
Birch Hill's Chas - Sr. blue buck. Great buck all around! I'm not sure I could fault this buck on anything! He's even a good breeder :)

SHR's Blue Bell - Sr. blue doe. Daughter/grand daughter to Chas, this girl is tiny! Ashley commented that she is the best Mini Rex produced during her time breeding Mini Rex!

SHR's Snowdrift - Sr. REW buck, 1 leg. Wow! Not sure I've felt such dense fur before! Even in a molt!!! Beautiful head on this boy - and "bedroom eyes" I told Cherylee last night! We've had his sire, and his brother here - we know Ashley kept her best until last for sure now! LOL

SHR's Essence - Brk Chin doe - This girl is a bigger doe, but I know she's produced some very nice bunns for Ashley, and I'm sure she had a hard time sneaking her into the carrier! Ashley's Mom sure liked this doe :) The nicest brk castor doe I've seen came out of this doe, I plan to re-do that cross promptly lol This doe is full, full, full! Very nice HQ!

Birch Hill's Zena - Sr Castor doe. This is one sweet little doe. She has the buckiest head I've seen on a doe yet! And.... rufus enough for 10 castors! Great topline, as all the rabbits that came have! She's out of opal, so her first breeding will be to Skagen to get my opal program moving. Hoping to get a castor too :) Skagen will improve on her fur density, and Zena will add some depth, and bring size down a touch.


Also a big Thank you to Leslie Braaten for arranging the pick up for the bunnies at the airport! Leslie's Uncle in Law Dennis, drove out at 11pm, to pick up the rabbits and took them home for the night :) Thanks so much to Dennis for going out so late, and caring for the bunnies!

Leslie then picked up the bunnies in the morning and we met for lunch at McDonald's! Leslie also sent me home with a little REW Holland doe! Thanks so much Leslie! She is a sweet little girl!

It all goes to show how well bunny people can work together, to lend a helping hand :))


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