Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Babies :)

Well, after a long break in breeding (various reasons - waiting for new stock to arrive, does not breeding/bucks not breeding) we finally have a few new litters on the ground!

First in the batch is a LH litter out of Annabella and by Tostito (courtesy of Manely's). Annabella's got 2 black, and 2 chestnut. Genders unknown so far.

Second we have Raven's litter by Oh No. Was trying for REW, and this what we got! Just one, but hey, I won't complain. Now we know that Raven indeed inherited the gene from Marcus, and possibly bred back to him...

Third we have Mountain's litter of opals (yessss!) by Chas. I will assume that Mountain is a double agouti, as there were no selfs in the litter. REALLY looking forward to seeing these kits grow!

Fourth is a very special litter from Scootaloo! By a very special buck named Zing!! Huge Thank You to Crystal at Cutie Patootie! I didn't think anything would come of this breeding, and so these 5 little ones were a wonderful surprise at 4:45 am! (Makes getting up with kids a happier thing... lol) Scootaloo's last litter is very pleasing, so hoping for even better this time, as both parents come from the same lines - L&R. Zing is a pretty special bunny, too :)

More litters are expected - Legacy and Stealth due today - my two best MR does, bred to Chas. As well, Nelly and daughter Penny are due tomorrow, also bred to... Chas! (Chas was used a lot after he arrived!)

The MR does have been much more willing to breed, as opposed to the HL girls. Time of year is what I'm assuming. Very much looking forward to litters out of these does also, so it's a little disappointing especially when a breeder needs to cull.

Some of the jr's right now are looking nice, especially excited about the MR rew program - some nice bunnies! The opal program is just starting, the blues look to have a good start also. Quite excited about a blue tort HL jr buck from Scootaloo (mentioned above). Nice opal doe from Dudley and Jaimie is coming out of the ganglies (where weren't bad to begin with). Short and cobby little opal doe given to us by TOW's is a little exciting - her dam is the same breeding as Ebony Rose. So, she could even possibly carry chocolate!

Well, that's all for now!

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