Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Contract for Rabbit Sales

Recently, there have been instances of bunny sales "gone awry" for some breeders... In response, one breeder has found a wonderful contract for sellers to have their buyers sign. I think this is wonderful, as it offers protection for both parties. I am most impressed with this contract, and believe I will be using it with future sales.

How does it protect? It protects quite simply from dishonest individuals. As it is a legal document, both parties are bound to do what is right.

What is an example of dishonesty? Well say I was a buyer... Say I wanted a buck for a pet, because I believe that bucks make better pets (which I do believe). Well, lets say I go home with my new pet, and look him over and discover he is actually a she???? ACK!!! Well, this contract will ensure that you get a replacement, or a refund. Though to be fair, I'm sure most breeders wouldn't purposely sell a buck knowing it was a doe. Very likely, it was a boo boo. It Can be hard sometimes sexing young rabbits. Could be also, that the breeder took the wrong rabbit out of the cage for you, when there were several littermates in the same cage. Believe me, it is ALWAYS very embarassing for a breeder to discover something like this!!! LOL (Very likely has happened, but I know of no specific instances)

To be fair, an example of dishonesty from a buyer... Say I sold a rabbit to an individual for purposes of being a companion... Well, we'll say this bunn is young, at 2 months of age. The true temperament of this rabbit cannot be known at this young an age. We'll say this bunn is a doe. We all know I love my bucks, they are all pets... LOL Well.... say this doe reaches about 5 months old, and starts to get a little grouchy when their owner puts their hand in the cage. This doe is getting a little territorial over her "rabbit hole". She's hit puberty. Well, what if this doe really starts getting nasty and starts rushing at her owners arm and scratching and even biting? Who's fault is it? The breeder's? No, it's nobody's fault. Just as in humans... Hormones can equal grouchy.... Could it have been forseen? No, not very likely. We could also use a buck as an example (at the expense of my own pride, as again... I LOVE bucks). Well, say I sold a buck. Well, the little fella is pretty friendly, and the people love him - he would be 2 months old in this example as well. Well, say this guys comes to puberty, and decides he REALLY loves his owners... He decides he wants them to smell like them, and so starts to "fling" pee at them. Uh oh..... Well... we can't necessarily have a pet that's spraying urine all over the couches, and carpet and.... owners!!!! Who's fault? No one, but Mother Nature. Though to be fair, it should occur to pet owners that it is always a good idea to spay/neuter their pets. It can prevent such behaviour in all animals. At any rate, this protects the seller from those who would come back to say that the seller had sold them a pet with behavioural issues. The contract itself suggests buying an animal already 6mo (the age that a rabbit is considered an adult), as by then the bunny's true personality would be developped. I know, I know... Babies are cuter and cuddlier. More impressionable. Yeah, I've subscribed to that argument myself, so can identify. But... is it worth the risk? But I've side-tracked. ;) The example(s) directly above are not specific instances, but very well can have happened.

I have heard a very many horror story in regards to sales/purchases of bunns.... I have confidence that such a contract as this can prevent some of these horrors from re-curring. For one, it will force a second thought when thinking to gain from misfortune!!!

I encourage both sellers AND buyers to use such a contract. If you are looking for such a contract to use, please contact me, and I will put you in contact with the individual that has given me permission to use this one.

Did you know I love bucks? 10 to one, I'd pick a buck for personality any day. I love how they will buzz at me because they like me, I love how they will circle their cage with hay in their mouth - telling me they like me so much they would make a nest for me... I love how they will circle my feet if they are running the floor. I love how they pace looking for my attention. I love how they put their head in the way of their food dish, looking for pets rather than food or treats. So.... I love them. They just display so much character. Though I have to say, my holland bucks are generally more loving than my other breeds. Except Skagen. Skagen is a Mini Rex, and he offers to make me nests with his hay. Round and around his cage with the hay pinging of the wire of the cage! Buzz, buzz, buzz. But Milo and Dudley could never be beat.... I've had a few friendly does, I've even had one buzz at me. Though to be honest, I think she was more interested in asking me if I knew of any nice looking bucks. LOL Stella is a nice girl too, she is a mini rex - she LOVES to be rubbed down, which I like doing because she has a beautifful coat. Anthem is a sweetheart as well. But in general... can't beat a buck. So, now you know why I have so many bucks. I can just imagine how many times it's been asked to a person's self while viewing my holland pages - why so many bucks????

So... That's my thoughts for today :) I need to go cuddle a buck :P


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