Friday, August 22, 2008

Aug. 22

Hi all,

A general update.... may end up being a bit lengthy, as I haven't posted for some time!

EARS Aloha Show, Edmonton, Ab.

We weren't able to stay for the whole show, but for what we were there for we did very well and left VERY proud!!!

The highlight of our time at the show was of course our BIS (Best in Show). Prairie Wind's Sensation surprised us! I had to ask the lady standing next to me what the judge had said the BIS was... then I had to ask her if she was sure!!! So, on top of his BIS, he won a BOV (Best of Variety) and BOSV (Best Opposite Sex of Variety). He's now got 4 legs - enough to grand, and get a BIS Certificate! He'll stay home to keep the does company in future, and allow some of the other bunns some time on the tables! We are very proud and honoured to have this fella here in our rabbitry!

Another surprise was a doe that I hadn't taken out of the cage to assess since weaning. I figured she would be a filler for the class. On the drive to Edmonton, I was seriously regretting my decision.... What the heck was I doing to this poor little girl plastered to the wall of her carrier out of fear. I hadn't posed her or felt her, hadn't given her coat much thought... Well, if she didn't take BOSB (Best Opposite Sex of Breed), on all 3 tables she went on!!! Seems to me, her Dam Stealth surprised us in much the same way at that age!!! Great comments from the judges - "She'd be the rabbit I'd take home", Best Mini Rex in the show, just was still waiting to moult her baby clothes... "Get some fur on her, and no one will touch her". Our little Guinevere did so well, and won 3 Jr legs!!! She will need one Sr. leg to Grand, so we'll put her on some more tables to see if we can't get her that leg!

Next is our sweet boy Argyle! We were very pleased with him - BOB (Best of Breed), and BOV (Best of Variety), for a leg each. I can't remember how he placed in the specialty though, but will post on the site once I find out.

Iphigenia won a BOSV twice, but was awarded no legs - I'm assuming for lack of does.

Snowdrift won BOV, and BOSV twice and recieved 1 Leg.

Legacy finally got a leg for her wins!!! Usually there are just not enough does!

As well, we registered all the Seniors that weren`t already registered which are Argyle, Chas, La Premiere Noire, Legacy. Guinevere is still a baby, so of course couldn`t be registered. Soon enough, our Mini Rex herd will be registered, and will be working on seal colours on those registration papers!!! I do believe one of the rabbits registered has everyone on their pedigree registered already!

A big thank you to Leslie B. and Crystal for getting me to the show in first place!

I would also like to extend a big Thank You to my new breeder friends Leslie D. and Sheldon who are showing big interest in showing. They have been helping very much, but cutting my numbers down so we can fit into our new rabbit shed before winter!!! Not sure they understand just how much they`ve helped!!

Not too much else new or exciting, except that most of the rabbits have been moved into the new shed. I`ll share pictures once I have a bit of painting complete on the outside. Cage building is coming along, though slow, hope to have them complete before the snow flies. Old cages will be available once the new ones are complete. May have to snitch some wire from some of the old ones, but shouldn`t be too much :) Once we find out how warm it will stay for the floor level cages we may invest in a watering system. The floor is insulated, so we`re hoping to avoid frozen water!



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